Tony David: World-Class Entertainer in Denver

My name is Tony David, and I welcome you to my website!

I was born and raised in Jackson, TN, a little town between Memphis and Nashville and I was influenced by a number of performer such as Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Eddy Arnold, Roy Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Most of these entertainers lived in or around my home town of Jackson. The late Carl Perkin's son Greg was one of my best friends growing up, and Eddy Arnold’s brother was my barber when I was a kid. This was in a time when these entertainers were household names in Jackson and around the world. I loved their music.

When I perform a song during one of my shows, I try my very best to deliver the song the way the original performers sang it. I always felt they were the ones that made millions so I am going to perform their music as close as I can to the way they did it. I hear over and over again …”that song you just sang sounded like the original." I do not impersonate. I just try my best to imitate the song and the way the artist sang it. I perform over 1000 songs from the 1940’s to Today’s Top Hits from the big boys including Frank Sinatra, Englebert Humperdink, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Tony Bennett, Elvis, Perry Como, Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, Don Ho, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Marty Robins, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, and many, many more.

I have been a singer/entertainer enjoying my passion for music my entire life. I have been fortunate to be able to share my love of music with audiences in Denver for over 17 years now.  In the Music Room, you can also listen to some of my favorite tracks and watch some of my latest videos.

Please look around my site where you can learn more about me, my music and WildeFire.  Pam Hughes has been performing with me for the last seven years and two years, respectively, and we have merged our performances into WildeFire.  Let me introduce you to WildeFire on the About WildeFire page.

WildeFire is available for private parties, club dances, weddings, company programs, and all special occasions. If you are interested in bookings, please contact me at

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